Windows 365 Point-in-time Restore Setup

Microsoft recently released a new feature for Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs called “Point-in-time restore.” This feature lets you revert your Windows 365 Cloud PC to a previous point in time depending on what configuration you have set. Restore points can be configured to save every 4, 6, 12, 16 or 24 hours. Every Windows 365 Cloud PC will be able to hold 10 restore points at once and as each new restore point is created, the oldest one will be deleted.

I was able to confirm this feature is now available in my tenant, but it should be noted that it is currently in preview.

Let’s take a further look at this new capability. If you want more information about Point-in-time restore for Windows 365, you can read more here.

Configure Windows 365 Point-in-time Restore

Lets start by logging into the Microsoft Intune (Endpoint Manager) portal ( and going to Devices -> Windows. In my list of devices, I need to select a Cloud PC. On the Device Overview page, you can see I have a new option under the monitor section that says Restore points (preview). I am going to select that to see what I am provided with.

Windows 365 Cloud PC

Now I initially thought this would be empty because I never configured anything. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see I had 10 restore points already created in 12 hour increments. I didn’t see anything in the documentation initially but I would assume that’s a default setting.

Cloud PC Restore points

Lets say I want to change my restore point increments. In the Intune portal, I am going to go to Windows 365 and then select the User settings tab.

Windows 365 User Settings

As you can see there is nothing here. I am going to click Add.

Windows 365 Add user setting

You can see here I will need to provide a name and a frequency of restore-point service. I can also choose to allow a user to initiate a restore point. I am going to fill in the following details and choose 6 hours for my frequency of restore points.

Windows 365 Point-in-time restore

For Assignments, I am going to select my Cloud PC Users group. These are user settings so this needs to be a user group.

Windows 365 user setting assignments

I will confirm my user settings and then click Create.

Windows 365 User settings review

Now I can see my new User settings policy is created which will create restore points every 6 hours.

Windows 365 User settings policy

After configuring this new policy, I checked my Cloud PC the next day and was able to verify my restore points are saving every 6 hours.

Windows 365 Cloud PC Restore Points

Important: As noted in the screenshot above, be careful when using restore points. They will result in data loss between the current time and the time of the restore point.

Final Thoughts

Point-in-time restore is a great new feature in Windows 365 and I hope it will continue to evolve. After going through the setup, I had a few potential enhancement ideas:

  1. I hope we can do an instant restore point at some point. This would be a nice precautionary step as an admin if I was going to make a major change on a user’s Cloud PC.
  2. It would be nice to change the actual restore point start time. If I had 24 hour restore points set, maybe I could set them to save at 9PM every night when most users would be offline. If you were deploying some new software or a new configuration, you could have it run after the restore point is complete. Then, if anything went wrong, you could restore all your Cloud PCs back to the previous nights restore point before the deployments. I could see this being a great plan for change management.

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