Windows 365 Long-Term Restore Points

This might be the shortest blog post I’ve done but I thought it was deserving of its own post. If you haven’t already, take a look at my 2 blog posts below to get some background information on setting up and using the new Windows 365 point-in-time restore feature:

To summarize, Windows 365 provides you with an option to restore your Cloud PC to a previous point in time depending on what you have configured. You are provided with 10 restore points based on this configuration. If you have your configuration set to 12 hours, you will have 10 restore points setup every 12 hours. Microsoft has this detailed well in there restore point options documentation.

If you read a little further in that documentation though, you will notice that Windows 365 also provides 4 additional “long-term” restore points beyond your 10 configurable “short-term” restore points. Windows 365 long-term restore points are created every 7 days and as new ones are created, the oldest one is deleted. Its important to note that these 4 long-term restore points are non-configurable.

Lets take a further look at this in the Microsoft Intune portal. When restore points were first enabled on my Windows 365 Cloud PC, I had 10 default restore points that were 12 hours apart.

Windows 365 Restore Points

After a few weeks had gone by, I noticed that I had a few extra restore points which were my “long-term restore” points that were getting created every 7 days. You can see I now have 2 long-term restore points from 3/11 and 3/4.

If my Cloud PC had been around for a few months, I would eventually have 4 total long-term restore points created in addition to my 10 configured restore points. While this might be overlooked by some, I think its a nice safeguard of essentially a months worth of restore points to fall back on. Those long-term restore points could end up saving you from having to re-provision a Cloud PC.

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