Is it time to upgrade your keyboard and mouse?

During the 2 years, many of us have adopted the work from home lifestyle. Some of us had a solid home office setup with appropriate hardware while others were starting from scratch. Personally, I found myself in between both of those. I had a solid desk, a cheap wireless keyboard and some basic monitors. While this suited me for a while, I slowly realized I needed to start upgrade some of my essentials in my home office. One of the first areas I realized I needed an upgrade was my keyboard and mouse.  

The last few years I was utilizing a Logitech MK520. This is honestly a great keyboard and mouse to set to start off with as the mouse has decent ergonomic structure and the keys are rounded and smooth. I started to have some miscellaneous connectivity issues with it, and it had taken a bit of a beating, so I wanted something similar, but a little nicer. As an IT professional, I work on my computer for a living, so I needed something consistent and comfortable.  

During my research, I was looking at mostly Logitech and Microsoft hardware. Surprisingly, there are quite a few options to choose from which made my decision more difficult. Logitech is really the biggest player in the game for keyboard and mouse sets, but Microsoft has a few decent options I was considering as well. Both companies have various options depending on what ergonomic level you want. I don’t like those keyboards that are raised in the middle, nor did I want a mouse that was too unique, like with a pen-holder grip. I went to Best Buy to look at a few models physically and I reviewed some different models on Amazon. I ended up settling on the Logitech MK545 which I was able to get on Amazon for $49.99.  

I have been using it for a few months now and I honestly couldn’t be happier with it. Here are a few features I really like: 

  1. The quiet keys – Compared to the MK520, its night and day. The keyboard is significantly quieter compared to other keyboards I’ve used. I didn’t actually realize how noisy the MK520 was until I started using the MK545. 
  1. The ergonomics of the mouse – As I mentioned above, I need a comfortable mold for my mouse since I use it all the time. It’s a larger mouse so my hand settles on it better and it has soft rubber sides. It also has 2 back and forward buttons on the thumb side which is not something I have had in the past. I don’t use those a lot but when I have, they work well.  
  1. The keyboard ergonomics – The palm rest if hard but it has a nice texture to it that feels comfortable. The keys are well rounded, and I feel like I am a significantly faster typing on this compared to the previous keyboard.  
  1. The mouse scroll has rigid feedback so navigating up and down pages feels faster.  

Outside of those highlighted features, this keyboard and mouse set is quite simplistic. They keyboard includes some additional buttons for media (Play/Pause) as well as sound controls which is usually pretty standard.  

If you are in the market for a new keyboard and mouse but are struggling to decide, consider the Logitech MK545.  

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