Change Your Windows 365 Business Cloud PC From Windows 11 to Windows 10

When I initially looked at my new Windows 365 Cloud PC, I noticed right away that it was provisioned with Windows 11. Obviously, Windows 11 is Microsoft’s newest operating system so this isn’t a complete surprise. However, I haven’t completely gotten used to Windows 11 so I was naturally curious if I could somehow change my new Cloud PC to Windows 10. If I was using Windows 365 Enterprise, I would have complete control over which image I would want to use or I could select a marketplace image. I don’t have that same flexibility within Windows 365 Business. Lets take a look at how we can do this in Windows 365 Business.  

Within the Windows 365 Admin Center (, select Your organization’s Cloud PCs and then select Update organization settings

Inside of this window, there is an option to select your preferred OS for your organization. By default, Windows 11 is selected here and is the recommended OS. You can change this setting to Windows 10 and then all newly provisioned Cloud PCs will be created with Windows 10.  

Ok, so what about my existing Cloud PC? It still has Windows 11 on it, how can I change it? If you go back to your Cloud PC, select the gear icon to bring up the self-service options.  

Select Reset to reset your Cloud PC and reinstall Windows.  


As you can see, your Cloud PC is resetting and is unavailable to launch.  

After its done resetting, it will show its now running Windows 10. Let’s go ahead and take a look.  

As we can see, we are now running a Windows 10 Cloud PC. If you take a look further, we can see it installed Windows 10 version 21H2. 

Ok so now that I know I can go back to Windows 10, can I go back to Windows 11? Yes! You can follow the same process to provision all new Cloud PCs back to Windows 11.  

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