AirPod Pros: The Essential Earbuds

While AirPod Pros have been out for a while now, I wanted to write about them as they have become my favorite and most used gadget for the last few years. I also have to think that Apple will be releasing a new version of AirPods eventually this year. 

AirPod Pros are the professional version of Apple’s AirPod earbuds. The main upgrade from the normal AirPods to the AirPod Pros is the Pros come with 3 earbud tip sizes and include active noise cancellation. Because of this, the AirPod Pros are about $80 more expensive (Prices have varied for both models).

To maximize the noise cancelling, Apple has a quick setup feature that will help you create a good seal between the earbuds and your ears. I put the medium size earbud tips (Apple includes small, medium and large silicone tips) on and they were a perfect fit when I ran through this setup.  

What do I love about my AirPod Pros?

  1. Comfort: These are probably the most comfortable earbuds I have ever had. I can have them on for hours and I don’t feel any soreness from wearing them. 
  2. Active Noise Cancelling: While its not complete noise canceling, they are great to block out surrounding noise. I use them for meetings and on planes and they are great for both. 
  3. Transparency Mode: While some people might not use this feature, I actually think its really practical. While in transparency mode, you can hear everything around you in a type of enhanced mode. I usually use this a lot while walking outside as I like to hear what’s around me. It’s also great if I am wearing them and someone needs to talk to me. I don’t need to pull the AirPods out, I can just hold the stem and switch them to transparency mode. 
  4. Apple integration: Like all Apple products, the AirPod Pros pair instantly to my iPhone. They also work pretty well when I pair them with my laptop. I will use them for meetings and they work great. 
  5. Shorter Stems: While this might seem like a small feature, the normal AirPods have really long tips on them and I think they are unnecessary and uncomfortable. The AirPod Pros are much shorter and less obnoxious. They also have a purpose as you utilize them to go from transparency mode to noise cancelling and vice-versa. 

What do I wish could be better? 

  1. Battery life: Apple claims you get a little over 4 hours of battery life. That’s honestly pretty accurate as I get around 4 hours consistently. The case provides another 24 hours of charging time to your AirPod Pros. While this hasn’t exactly been an issue for me, I have had a few times where I needed to put the earbuds back in their case to recharge. 
  2. The case: The normal AirPod case is vertical and feels a little more practical for holding and putting in your pocket. This is probably due to the long stems. The AirPod Pros case is horizontal and it just feels a little awkward. It took a little getting used to putting my AirPod Pros in and out of it. I hope they redesign this in the future. 
  3. Windows Integration: While they do work great for my Microsoft Teams meetings, they pair like any other Bluetooth device. I occasionally run into issues with them crashing my audio driver and I need to reboot. When they are paired successfully, they sound great.

If you are considering buying normal AirPods or another pair of high-end earbuds, you really should consider the AirPod Pros. While the price might be a little steep for some, Apple has made these completely worth it. 

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