Accessing My Windows 365 Business Cloud PC From A Mobile Device

What is the experience like when accessing a Windows 365 Cloud PC from a mobile device?

I have been using my Windows 365 Business Cloud PC for a few weeks now. I have been primarily accessing it from a web browser or the Microsoft Remote Desktop App for Windows. What if I wanted to access my Cloud PC on a mobile device like a phone or tablet?

Windows 365 Mobile Device and App Setup

For accessing my Windows 365 Cloud PC in this particular scenario, I am going to utilize my iPhone 13 as my mobile device. I am able to login to on my mobile browser which is Chrome in this case. I can get to the mobile friendly page and I can launch my Cloud PC from there but honestly its a terrible user experience as it doesn’t render correctly. Fortunately, the iOS App Store has the Microsoft Remote Desktop Mobile app which is the ideal method for access and this is what we are going to use in this scenario.

Remote Desktop Mobile App

Since I already have it downloaded on my iPhone, I went ahead and launched the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. It will appear empty since I don’t have any current PC connections or Workspaces setup. I will need to add a Workspace in order to access my Cloud PC. In order to do that, I need to click the plus button in the upper right-corner and select the “Add Workspace” button shown below.

Remote Desktop Mobile App Workspace

I will be prompted with a page to add a Workspace Feed URL. Microsoft has this provided in there documentation here. Since Windows 365 is built upon Azure Virtual Desktop, it uses the same Feed URL:

Once I added that URL, I am able to click Next to proceed.

From there, I am brought over to my Microsoft Authenticator app to login.

Once that’s done authenticating, my Workspace is shown and I can now see my Cloud PC.

Access Windows 365 Cloud PC

Windows 365 Mobile User Experience

Now that I have my Windows 365 Business Cloud PC setup with the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, I am going to launch it and see what the experience looks and feels like.

Upon launching the Cloud PC for the first time, I did need to provide my password again. Once I did that, I was able to see my Windows 11 Cloud PC. While it seemed like everything launched normal, the Windows 11 start button and taskbar did not appear. I was able to navigate around and utilize a 2 finger click to right-click and bring up some options.

Windows 11 Cloud PC

Teams launched with no issue and we can see OneDrive is also running.

I ended up closing the Cloud PC out on my iPhone and launching it from my computer where I could see the start button and taskbar. I signed out of my Cloud PC on my computer and then logged into it again on my iPhone. This time it launched successfully with the start button and taskbar. This must have been just a small glitch of some sort.

As you can see, there are 3 buttons at the top of your Cloud PC. They are a Zoom button, a menu type button and a keyboard button. The Zoom button allows you to easily navigate around by swiping across the screen in whatever direction you want to go. The menu button, just brings you back to your workspace menu. The keyboard button bring up the on-screen keyboard.

Windows 11

Now that I can access my Cloud PC and everything seems to be working normal, lets try a normal task. I opened a Word document to see what it would be like to type a document up.

Microsoft Word in Windows 365 Cloud PC

Surprisingly, this worked really well. There is hardly any lag when typing and the touchscreen accuracy and responsiveness is excellent when navigating around Microsoft Word.

Final Thoughts

I completely understand that using a full desktop on an iPhone is not very practical when you have the ability to use mobile apps. However, you might find yourself in a situation where you need access to a full desktop for something. There are also a lot more users today who like using tablets and might like having this as an option. Since the iOS app includes Bluetooth support, you could connect a supported mouse and keyboard to create a nice mobile computing solution. That’s whats great about a Windows 365 Cloud PC, it provides end users a lot of flexibility.

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