Change the Microsoft Office Update Channel on a Windows 365 Cloud PC

Now that I setup a Windows 365 Cloud PC, I want to work on configuring it. One of the first things that I noticed after some initial use, is that it uses the Monthly Enterprise Channel for Microsoft Office updates. This is because I am using a gallery image during the provisioning policy. Since those images are updated monthly, it would make sense that they would use Monthly Enterprise Channel. While this might be completely fine for some organizations, others might need to change it. Personally, I like to use Current Channel so lets work to change this on our Cloud PC. While there are a few different ways to do this, we are going to leverage Microsoft Intune.

Create Configuration Profile

Lets head over to the Microsoft Intune portal (, and navigate to Devices -> Windows Devices -> Configuration Profiles -> Create Profile

Microsoft Intune Configuration Profile

Select Windows 10 and later -> Templates -> Administrative Templates

Microsoft Intune Create Configuration Profile

Give the new profile a name. I am specifically targeting Windows 365 for this so I am going to use that as a identifier in my name. Feel free to give it a description if you want.

Change Microsoft Office Update Channel

Under Configuration Settings, we are going to select All Settings and then do a search for “update channel” to try and filter out our options. You will see we are left with 2 options for our “update channel” search. Select Update Channel (2.0).

We will be presented with the following configuration page. I am going to select Enabled and then I am going to select Current Channel for my preferred update channel. Select Ok.

Microsoft Office Update Channel

Once this is configured, I need to assign it to my Cloud PC. I had already created a group for this with my Cloud PC in it.

Microsoft Intune Create Profile

Review your configuration profile settings and then proceed to create it.

Microsoft Intune Review and Create

After a little while, I can see that my policy was successfully created and applied to my Cloud PC.

Windows 365 Change Office Update Channel

Confirm Channel on Windows 365 Cloud PC

Now I will head back to my Cloud PC and see what Office shows for the update channel.

Microsoft Office Update Channel

As you can see, it still shows Monthly Enterprise. Why is that? Its because after you change the update channel, the Microsoft Office apps need to successfully retrieve and apply an update for the updated channel. We could wait for this to happen automatically on its own but lets speed it up for this tutorial. So lets go ahead and click Update Options -> Update Now

Microsoft Office Update Channel Updates

This will check for updates, download them if they are available and then apply them.

Microsoft Office check for updates
Microsoft Office download updates
Microsoft Office apply updates
Microsoft Office updates installed

Once that’s complete, we will check and confirm that the new Office update channel on my Cloud PC is now set to Current Channel.

Microsoft Office Current Channel

Final Thoughts

While we were specifically targeting a Windows 365 Cloud PC in this tutorial, you can also leverage this method for physical PCs as long as they are managed by Microsoft Intune. If you are using other tools like Group Policy or ConfigMgr, this process will be slightly different and it contains some additional items to consider. Refer to the Microsoft documentation here for more information on this and other considerations when changing Microsoft Office update channels.

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