What are Snap Layouts in Windows 11?

One of my favorite new features of Windows 11 is called Snap Layouts. This is an upgrade to the original Windows Snap feature that allowed you to compare 2 documents or windows side by side.   Snap Layouts allow you to position more windows together in various formations. You can also group these together in a … Read more

Is it time to upgrade your keyboard and mouse?

During the 2 years, many of us have adopted the work from home lifestyle. Some of us had a solid home office setup with appropriate hardware while others were starting from scratch. Personally, I found myself in between both of those. I had a solid desk, a cheap wireless keyboard and some basic monitors. While … Read more

Do I Need to Upgrade to Windows 11?

First off, what is Windows 11? Windows 11 is Microsoft’s next generation operating system. Although Microsoft originally stated that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows, they obviously no longer feel that way. The pandemic has obviously had a major impact on today’s workforce and therefore they felt an updated operating system was … Read more

Is a Chromebook a good alternative to a Windows laptop?

In today’s digital age, we have a wide variety of devices that we can utilize to accomplish almost anything. Most of us have multiple different devices that we utilize for various things. Me personally, I use my iPhone for majority of daily tasks. However, there are times I need to type something up or I … Read more